Vancouver Kitchen Cabinets: Cabico Unique Series 


An artisanal approach that honors quality craftsmanship and guarantees the uniqueness of your project

Handcrafted in Coaticook, Canada

Drawers glued and assembled using dovetail joints 5/8" sides. 3/8" bottom. Maximal durability

Construction types: Full access frameless, Channel, Beaded insert, Flush insert, Full overlay, and Half overlay frame

Over 100 standard door styles Plus over 3,000 available styles created over the years

Absolute precision. Doors glued and pressed on four sides, for maximum strength and stability

Prepped with automated sanding and Handfinished. Hands-on quality 

A dedicated team of veteran cabinetmakers for complex and exclusive design pieces

Inhouse ColorMatch system. Unique colors and finishes created on-site 

Over 100 Standard finishes. Over 500 custom finishes created each year 

Multi-step priming and sanding for maximum adhesion

Aging, stains, glazes, rub-through. A wide range of special techniques for a custom look

Solid assembly using wood dowels 5/8" back

Four-sided squaring and pressing. Strong, Stable, and built to last

Comprehensive quality control: assembly, finish, components, and fine-tuning. Lifetime Warranty