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Vancouver's Best Luxury Vinyl Flooring: Torlys Luxury Vinyl

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Thinking about getting a luxury vinyl flooring but want to establish what the best options are for you? Great, you’re in the right spot. Today, we will be comparing Vancouver's best luxury vinyl flooring: Torlys Everwood/Evertile vs. Rigidwood/Rigidtile luxury vinyl flooring.

What is Hybrid Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Before we get into this, let’s understand what hybrid vinyl flooring really is. Hybrid vinyl flooring is a waterproof flooring option with a solid core and a locking mechanism that makes the product super stable and easy to install. Unlike traditional vinyl flooring, this engineered flooring type isn’t required to be glued down onto a sub-floor and is installed as a floating floor. This means that it can be installed over the floor that you already have by using their uni-click locking mechanism (as long as the flooring is level based on BC Flooring Association Codes).

There are two main types of hybrid flooring available in Vancouver's market, these are WPC (wood plastic composite core) and SPC (stone plastic composite core). Both hold their unique benefits but in short words, WPC is a thicker and more comfortable product that is suited more for residential use and SPC is aimed towards heavy commercial use.

Key Features of Torlys Everwood & Evertile Vinyl Flooring:

You now know hybrid vinyl flooring consists of two different variants, WPC and SPC. We’ll Torlys Everwood and Evertile vinyl flooring is the WPC type. It’s considered a lot more comfortable than SPC flooring and is therefore used in residential buildings, offering both comfort and durability. Everwood and Evertile flooring are well known for their deep realistic textures that mimic both wooden and tiled floors.

These flooring types are made in four robust layers, each holding its own unique benefit. These layers are their patented backing, core, printed and anti-wear layer.

1. On the backing of your WPC flooring, you’ll have their revolutionized trademarked Microban® cork underlay. This is their patented antifungal cork backing, that’ll give you a whole new level of peace of mind by reducing the chances of mold or mildew, a common problem when it comes to vinyl flooring.

2. Above this layer is the core, you’ll be greeted by their WPC Core containing the trademarked Uniclic® locking system. This uni-click locking mechanism not only is the best locking mechanism in the world but also allows your flooring to be gap-free and sturdy. Also, you can easily replace a plank in the middle of your floor without having to open the entire floor to get to the damaged piece. The WPC core on both Everwood and Evertile vinyl flooring is twice the thickness of traditional industry standards.

3. Now onto the printed layer or commonly known as your decorative layer, this is where your chosen design of wood, concrete, or tile flooring will be.

4. Lastly, the embossed anti-wear layer is an added layer of protection for your flooring.

Comfortable and Soundproof: The antifungal Microban® cork backing underlay does wonders as your underlay. Cork is a natural insulator that consists of 70-80% air. Therefore, not only this type of flooring will be the most comfortable flooring option under your feet but it will be a very soundproof one for your lovely neighbors below.

Can be used Anywhere – Because of their durability and their signature Microban®, this type of flooring can be used in all types of rooms. It’s 100% waterproof allowing you to use it anywhere, including bathrooms.

Repair compatibility – Unlike most hybrid vinyl flooring options, this flooring has its trademarked Uniclic® locking system. This makes it super simple to repair any plank as you’ll be able to pull it up with their patented Bulldog tool, without having to lift up the whole floor.

Easy to preserve – Due to a durable wear layer and water-proof characteristics, this type of hybrid floor is super easy to clean and maintain. You can literally clean your vinyl flooring with some water and soap without worrying about damaging the floor.

Key Features of Rigidwood & Rigidtiles Vinyl Flooring:

Now moving onto Vancouver's best SPC vinyl flooring option, this is Torlys Rigidwood/Rigidtile luxury vinyl flooring. As mentioned above, WPC vinyl flooring is more aimed at residential use as SPC flooring is more targeted towards a commercial environment.

SPC core vinyl flooring is incredibly denser than the WPC. This allows the vinyl flooring to be much more durable against impact, making it the longer-lasting floor. However, although this core is compact and considered more durable than the WPC. SPC is the thinner and louder option.

Unlike the everwood & evertile, this flooring is made from five key components. These are the underlay, core, printed film, anti-wear and a UV coated layer.

1. On the bottom of your rigidwood and rigidtiles vinyl flooring, you’ll have their signature Microban® FoamPlus™. This is considered your anti-fungal underlay; it doesn’t just make the flooring extremely sturdy but also makes sure that the planks are evenly distributed across the sub-floor.

2. Just above this, is the most important component of this flooring. The SPC core, this core is combined with their specialized Uniclic® locking system making installation fairly easy. On top of the core, there is a thin sheet of fiberglass for added durability.

3. Now moving onto the visual appearance, above the core is the decorative print layer that you’ll choose depending on your preferences. It’ll also be combined with their PVC top layer adding protection to your floor.

4. As mentioned, this flooring is more designed for commercial use. This is why Torlys has added extra protection on the already hard-wearing floor. This will be their Heavy-duty wear layer and Maxx finish top layer. Unless you really try, it's hard to scratch this floor.

A hybrid SPC vinyl flooring is considered one of the best floorings to have for commercial use considering its anti-scratch and waterproof characteristics.

Price – SPC hybrid vinyl flooring options are generally cheaper than the WPC. The only downside to this is that it’s a much harder floor. That may not necessarily be a bad thing, especially in a commercial setting where everyone will be walking with their shoes on.

Antimicrobial Protection – Similar to Everwood/Evertile Microban® cork backing, Torlys SPC is equipped with a foam underlay (FoamPlus™) containing the signature Microban® granting both stability and protection from mold, mildew.

Durability – As mentioned this is a particularly durable floor, allowing it to be more anti-dent compared to the WPC.

Which Hybrid Vinyl Flooring Should You Choose?

Now you know more about what each floor has to offer, which one should you choose?

It really depends on your installation purpose, but this is what I would consider in short:

Everwood & Evertile is thicker and a much softer floor than the Rigidwood & Rigidtiles, allowing the Everwood to be much more comfortable on the foot but not as durable.

How much do you really want to spend on your luxury vinyl flooring? The more commercial SPC flooring (Rigidwood & Rigidtiles) is on the more economical side than the residential WPC flooring (Everwood & Evertile).

WPC flooring also holds warmth much more than SPC flooring due to the cork backing underlay, so the Everwood & Evertile flooring will be much more pleasant on the barefoot compared to Rigidwood & Rigidtiles.

At Canadian Home Style, we truly consider Torlys vinyl to be Vancouver's best luxury vinyl flooring option. Come in and see our full Display and we'll tell you all about it.

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