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All about Mercier Hardwood Flooring and why we love it

Updated: Apr 8

Hey you! Yes you, I’m guessing you have come to learn about Mercier Hardwood and you have come to the right article. Let’s take a deep dive into the wonderful world of Vancouver’s hardwood flooring.

Whether you’re planning a new floor renovation or you heard your friend rave about their Mercier Hardwood flooring and now you got to have it but have no idea what the significance of Mercier Hardwood flooring is. Well, I’m here to let you know this Canadian made hardwood flooring is our favorite and most recommended line of flooring. They are considered the industry leader, after all, Mercier is the first company to produce pre-finished hardwood, isn’t that just awesome!

What is Mercier Hardwood?

Below are a few details and highlights:

It’s truly a customizable Canadian line of hardwood flooring and is made in the per-end user's requests. The homeowner can fine-tune the following: Color, Species, Grading, Construction, width, Thickness, Gloss level, and Texture of the surface. Therefore, depending on the application and aesthetic of your space, this high-quality hardwood can be customized to your satisfaction. The width can go up to 8-1/8" making it the widest Canadian board produced. Depending on the thickness needed, you can order your engineered hardwood either in 1/2" or 3/4" thickness. This can be very useful when it comes to transitioning your hardwood floor with tiles or other floors in the house. Please keep in mind that due to the overall stability of the product, the 8-1/8" width planks are only offered in 3/4" thickness. Lastly, Mercier offers their 4 famous sheen level on their entire line: Semi-gloss, Satin, Matte, and Matter-brushed (only possible for Oak and White Ash species).

Their finish is called Mercier Generations Intact 1000 for their residential finish and Intact 2500 for their commercial finish. This hypoallergenic and COV-free finish can stand up to 2500 cycles when tested by the industry's anti-scratch Taber testing. This anti-scratch rating is by far the industry-leading number and no other manufacturer has even come close to that number. We'll dive deep into what Taber testing is and we'll explain the key features that make intact 2500 a mind-boggling finish in our future blogs. For now, remember you’re not just buying hardwood but you're buying finished Hardwood. The finish does matter! It's also worth mentioning that the Mercier Generations has the highest Leed and Green Guard gold certifications which are indications of zero-emission levels in the finish. Something that a lot of people don’t take seriously when it comes to their hardwood floors.

Mercier hardwood has a thick wear layer of 4mm on their engineered hardwood for most of their products which can allow you to sand and refinish your engineered hardwood if needed in the future. Their engineered core is a superior 9 or 11-ply crossed hardwood plywood depending on the product thickness. Their moisture content of the raw hardwood is strictly monitored and the numbers are between 6-9%. Basically, they don't rush wood to the production line which can lead to problems down the road.

It has a great extended warranty, 35 years for residential and 5 years commercial for the intact 1000, also 50 years residential and 10 years commercial for intact 2500 which is just out of this world, especially in the industry right now, nothing but the best.

Mercier is also the only manufacture out there to have come the closest in making anti-scratch and water-proof hardwood flooring with the intact 2500, isn’t that just right out awesome or is it just me thinking that? This finish is 52% more anti-scratch than the Intact 1000 finish and the beauty is that it's offered now on every color for a small upcharge. If your glass breaks on the hardwood floor you won’t have to worry about any scratch marks and if your kids are constantly coming into the house with their wet ski boots, you don’t need to worry because your Mercier hardwood is almost water-proof. Oh, I almost forgot, you can even wet-mop your Mercier Intact 2500 hardwood flooring!

Another great thing about Mercier hardwood is that their finishes offer non-yellowing agents. You won’t need to worry about your hardwood flooring turning yellow from exposed light over time, so open those curtains and enjoy that sunshine!

One incredible reason Mercier is astonishing is their philosophy, sustainable sourcing, and environmentally friendly ways of carrying their operations. It’s stunning to know that your engineered hardwood floor is being made and manufactured in a positive environmental way.

Imagine that beautiful flooring in your home

Deciding on renovating your living room, bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom can be a little stressful. Knowing what kind of hardwood is out there might draw a blank in your mind because let’s be honest, who really knows a lot about hardwood flooring? Mercier is not just a high-quality Canadian hardwood manufacturer, but the leader in the industry that sets new trends and others follow.

In general, hardwood flooring is attractive to have in your home; it livens up any space and makes the value of your home go up. I call that a win-win situation.

When family or friends come to visit, your new Mercier hardwood flooring will be the talk of the night. If you think hardwood floors are just boring hardwood floors then buy Mercier hardwood floors and watch the reactions you get when you have people over. You’ll be thanking the hardwood floor gods!

Let’s roll the credits

Mercier hardwood flooring is incredible to say the least. Mercier thinks about durability, style, color, and little significant components. Their hardwood truly freshens up any space and makes your home looking new and young! That pretty much is the end goal when planning on renovating your home floors.

Mercier thinks and gives you everything you didn’t realize you wanted in hardwood flooring. When having the extending warranty of the intact 1000 or intact 2500, it probably never crossed your mind on what company or hardwood could do such a thing. How about the fact that Mercier hardwood flooring is the leader of anti-scratch flooring and also water-resistance hardwood flooring? You never have to worry about your pets ruining the floor or your spilled wine because the hardwood flooring protects itself from anything! Now if that doesn’t make you salivate then I don’t know what will. Having the best hardwood flooring is like finding a $20 bill in your jacket pocket, you didn’t think you needed that $20 but now that you have it, you’re like ‘right on!’, you didn’t think you needed those Mercier hardwood flooring but now that you have it, you’re singing in the shower again!

I really hope this article gave you an insight into Vancouver’s best hardwood flooring. If you’re still wondering if you should get Mercier hardwood flooring in your home then I suggest you come and visit us at our showroom in North Vancouver. We can definitely write a book on Mercier Hardwood Flooring.

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