Vancouver Kitchen Cabinets: Cabico Essence Series


Quality without compromise!

A selection of popular wood species in a variety of cuts made in Coaticook, Canada

Advanced Technology 5/8" thick cabinet boxes using high-precision tools

Construction types available: Full access frameless and full overlay frame

Absolute precision. Doors glued and pressed on four sides: Maximum Strength and Stability

Prepped with automated sanding and Handfinished. Hands-on quality

Multi-step priming and sanding for maximum adhesion

Flawless long-lasting finished applied by experienced painters

Application of authentic-look glaze for stains and paint

Solid assembly using wood dowels 5/8" back

Four-sided squaring and pressing. Strong, Stable, and Built to last

Comprehensive quality control: assembly, finish, components, and fine-tuning. Lifetime Warranty