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Canadian Home Style is your family-owned and operated Flooring and Cabinetry experts in the Lower Mainland with a showroom located in North Vancouver, British Columbia. We truly love what we do and we're passionate to be a part of your journey in creating your unique space that represents you. We all have a purpose in this moving world and now that our paths cross, we can offer you our honest expertise, experience, and knowledge in the industry to celebrate the unique you. The most rewarding part of our job is not just the finished product, your beautiful kitchen, your new curb-less shower, or your gorgeous floating stairs but the long-lasting relationships we build and the interactions we have every step of the way. As a company we take pride in our approach and philosophy towards every project and the way we operate our business. As we thrive to be better every day, it's really not just about making a living for us. It's about doing the right thing whether that is being environmentally and sustainability mindful when it comes to product selection, or making sure the craftsmanship is not compromised at the expense of price or fairness to our trades and clients. 

"You are not a drop from the Ocean, You are the entire ocean in a drop"

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These images have been taking by our own project managers and are real project photos without any staging. Please feel free to contact us and inquire about any particular flooring and/or cabinetry products that you see here or to see our complete portfolio.


You can think of your flooring and cabinetry as the luxuries of your home's interior boundary. These are the surfaces that you come in contact with, the most, visually, and physically every day. The decisions or rather commitments are usually long term and choosing the right flooring and cabinetry product is ever so crucial.  These products are unique in the sense that the final product is actually finished in your home and they stay with you the entire time. Decisions about type, look and color must also address functionality and purpose.  Let's start creating your own custom space. 

The cabinetry in your home is the most customizable part and can be as unique as you. Let us celebrate the art of Canadian costume cabinetry and create your new beautiful kitchen.

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Your Floor coverings are in every single room of your home. They serve the purpose of creating comfort and visual beauty and sometimes they are taken for granted. Flooring products can be categorized into five main categories; Hardwood, Laminate,  Luxury Vinyl, Carpet, and Stone/tiles. 

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